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Why Green Tech for your Outdoor Service  needs?



Greener Approach…Greener Results.

Based in Auburn, Massachusetts, Green Tech was started in 2007 as an all around landscape company.    Mike Sullivan, the company founder, is a UMASS/Stockbridge School of Agriculture Alumni with studies in Horticulture, Botany, Soil Sciences, and Natural Resource Studies.  After founding Green Tech, customers began asking Mike about fertilizer applications for their lawns and landscape plants.  It was few years later when Mike realized Green Tech wasn’t an all around landscape company any longer.  Today, customers refer Mike and the Green Tech crew to their friends for Lawn Care Applications (especially organic based),  Natural Tick Control, Irrigation Maintenance, and Outdoor Lighting services in and around  Central Massachusetts.


A Greener Approach: We begin building your soil from the first application.  Our fertilization programs may cost slightly more, but they do incorporate organic base fertilizers – which substantially help to build your soil.  Healthy soil helps fertilizers to be used more efficiently,  helping to grow deeper roots for a healthier lawn.  Over time, these healthier lawns have shown to require less weed control and pest applications.  Applications of compost teas and plant derived herbicides – when needed- are also available.  We also use Integrated Pest Management to limit the amount of Pesticides and Herbicides we use on properties.  Our Irrigation  maintenance services offer water conservation equipment upgrades and responsible programming of irrigation controllers to avert over-watering.   For Green Tech’s Mosquito and Tick Control programs, we use a 100% all natural product that is fine for use around children and pets and allows for immediate use of your yard after applying.  Green Tech has been installing low voltage landscape lighting for years and has been upgrading systems with LED components.

At Green Tech, our approach to services revolves around Green Ideology as we do consider ourselves to be environmental stewards.  Not only do we incorporate green products into our services, but with the refuse produced, a majority of the waste is recycled.

Our main goal in delivering our services is a high level of customer satisfaction and trust.  Since 2007 Green Tech and its Green Service programs have won over some tough and sometimes skeptical critics.  We hope we can win you over as well.

At Green Tech, we want you to like us so much; you’ll want to refer us to your friends and family!

The lawn looks great!!!  Whatever you think the lawn needs; just do it.
Diane, Auburn, MA