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A beautiful, lush, green lawn is the welcome mat that invites in friends and family to your home. It is your outdoor carpet where your family gathers and plays. And it is your special place to let loose and feel the grass between your toes on a warm summer day.  Here’s the Green Tech difference: We begin building your soil from the first application.  The focus is not only about giving your lawn food for growth and  greenery, but also for building a rich soil for your lawn to take root and thrive in.  Over time, this cuts down on the amount of weed control or insect control your lawn may need.

5 Step Feeding Program Applications

Late April/Early May – October – Granular, slow release fertilizers with organic bases beginning with a Spring Starter with Crabgrass Control; Lime Included!!!  We’ll even conduct a soil test to determine if additional nutrient treatments are needed for the optimal lawn your neighbors will want.  Applications are approximately  6-7  week intervals, finishing with a Winterizer application in late fall.

Want the Sports Field Look? – Contact us for our Sports Lawn Application Program –

Using the same Fertilizer Line as Major League Ball Parks and Professional Golf Links 


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Thank you for the great work on our lawn. It Looks Beautiful!
Liz, Auburn, MA





Advanced Services

Grub, Grassy & Broad leaf Weed, Insect, and  Fungicide Controls, Core Aeration, Over Seeding, and now Enriched Soil Topdressing

EarthMax Applications

As a great way to introduce carbon, beneficial microbes, fulvic and humic acids; EarthMax, a naturally derived product, helps enhance root structure and overall plant health not only for turf, but for landscape plants as well. Plants and turf respond with great results to this application. It’s no wonder that Golf Courses are instituting EarthMax applications into their programs.

Core Aeration

aeration plugsHow important is Core Aeration? Professional Sports Teams with real turf aerate as much as once per month.  Aeration helps oxygen to get to the roots of the turf allowing for gas exchange.  It essentially helps your lawn to breath.  Your lawn’s roots actually grow towards these holes!   Another great benefit from aeration is increased water efficiency.  Instead of a flat surface that water can run across, all of those little holes act as tiny reservoirs catching water.   Aerating also gives an additional opportunity – overseeding.   With all of those new holes, why not drop new seed over your lawn? This helps to thicken your lawn which can reduce weed growth.  Overseeding also helps to introduce new varieties of seed that may have drought and disease tolerances that can be cross bred into your existing lawn.


For years Green Tech has offered Core Aeration – just like every other lawn company…  Recently, we have been researching and testing Liquid Aeration and have to say, the results were very impressive.  We had our doubts in the application and did not expect to see the results we achieved.  Liquid aeration is a spray application consisting of eco-friendly components that essentially created cracks and fissures in the soil allowing for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.  Our findings actually revealed that soil seemed to loosen deeper than with conventional core aeration!  The customers who allowed us to test the applications on their lawns were also very impressed and stated that they would like this same process next season!  Liquid aeration is also a very practical alternative to core aeration for properties with shallow irrigation lines, dog fence wires, or landscape lighting wires.

Lawn Renovations

Me Lawn RenovationMaybe your lawn is looking a little tired.  Perhaps a couple of years of neglect, a recent insect outbreak, or even a severely dry season has left your lawn looking…. a little less desirable.  Lawn renovation can bring your lawn back with less expense versus tilling up the whole lawn and starting over.   Our systematic step by step approach ensures  quality results.  And for added peace of mind, we will warranty your lawn renovation when you sign up for a full season of lawn treatments; allowing us to monitor and make adjustments as needed for the establishment of your lawn.



Weed Controls

The best way to get weeds out of lawns is to spray them out.  Granular Weed and Feed fertilizers just don’t work as well as the particles may or may not make contact with the weed.  With Spraying, you know the weed gets hit.  Also, weed and feed fertilizers have to be spread across the whole lawn.  With spraying, spot treatments can do the job while reducing the amount of herbicide applied to a property and into the environment.


Enriched Soil Topdressing

ECOlawn topdresserThis is Green Tech’s “Green Approach” service we debuted last season with great results.   Enriched Soil Topdressing is a great way to introduce organic medium into your soil – improving the soil structure as well as water retention, encouraging microbial activity, and aiding in balancing soil pH.  In combination with our lawn programs, topdressing has produced some outstanding results which have not gone unnoticed by neighbors.  We’ll put down teaser samples in small areas on properties – after the seeing the results, customers ask for whole yard pricing.


Thanks again for making our yard look so nice for another season! See you next year!
Bill, Holden, MA




Green Tech’s Shrub and Tree Fertilization Services

Why stop at just the lawn?  Your landscape plants need attention too!  Let Green Tech care for your small ornamental trees, shrubs, and plantings beds.

  • 4 applications of liquid feed fertilizer at 6-7 week intervals  (Root feed or Foliar)
  • Insect, fungal, and disease control applications
  • Horticultural oil applications in Spring for insects that overwintered in your shrubs and trees and in Fall for insects preparing to overwinter in your trees and shrubs
  • Winter Armor Spraying (prevents winter burn and dryingout of leaves and needles of evergreens)
  • Deer Protection (Prevents Deer Browse)


ARBORjet Tree Injections

ARBORjet tree injections provide a great alternative to spraying trees.  There is no worry about spray drifting into open windows or into neighbor’s yards.  The materials are taken directly into the tree like a medical shot.  ARBORjet injections include fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and specialty nutrients.  Green Tech is proud to be offering this service as the ARBORjet name has done wonders in treating for Emerald Ash Borer as well as Asian Longhorn Beetle.



Winter Plant Protection

Deer-Free-Winter-Armor-Stor02 (1)

Tired of wrapping your plants in burlap for the winter?  Protect your plants from winter burn and from Deer browse with an all natural, environmentally friendly application of Deer Free Winter Armor.  This product lasts up to 6 months and is water resistant as it contains a latex base.  Now you can enjoy the natural beauty of your evergreens in the winter without their burlap coats!

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