Green Tech would like to announce a new addition to our Landscape Lighting line with KICHLER Landscape Lighting!!!  KICHLER is one of the oldest lighting companies in America.  Chances are, you may have a Quality KICHLER Lighting product in your home already.  



IMG_2413The one thing Green Tech demands in the products we install is quality.  That’s why we install solid brass light fixtures.  Brass stands the test of time.  Powder coated aluminum units get pitted and look hideous over time, while plastic units can become brittle and disintegrate.  Green Tech will not install a product in your yard that we wouldn’t put in our own.

Have you considered Landscape Lighting?  You can prolong the use of your yard into the evening, give your residence a new curb appeal, and improve the safety of your home with the increased lighting.   Imagine looking out your windows at night and  instead of seeing a void of all black, picture a warm glow in your yard coming from your gardens and along walkways or perhaps off architectural structures.  A quality brand of lighting with expert installation can increase the value of your home as well.  If you’re interested in Landscape Lighting, contact us.  We will be more than happy to set up an evening appointment with our demo kit to show you how  your home and landscape will benefit from landscape lighting.







Our Newest Lighting Line – KICHLER:

Check out the Alliance Lighting Link Here:

Check out the Dauer Line:

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The lights look great! We love them!
Hank, Shrewsbury, MA


Wow! We can't believe how great the house and landscape looks at night with the new lights! It looks awesome!
Stacey, Dudley, MA


The lights make the house look so nice at night.  It's Beautiful! 
Mireya, Shrewsbury, MA


The lighting it creates is just so much more than I ever expected! 
Tom, Webster, MA






Granite Post  Installations

Have you just recently purchased a Granite post from a local supplier, but find yourself needing to have it installed? Green Tech professionally installs Granite posts for signs, lamp posts, and mailbox posts for customers who have purchased their posts from a recognized distributor.  After your purchase, contact Green Tech to schedule your installation and we will pick up your post(s) from the distributor, deliver it to your site, and install your post at your specified location. Installation pricing starts at $229 and custom fitting and working of the posts is available for additional charges.




       lamp post              20150713_171040