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We began offering Tick Control a few years back, and the response has  been phenomenal; constantly leading to more referrals!!!    This is a Natural Product… it Significantly Reduces the population of insects – reducing the risk of exposure.




We have over 100 acres and our dogs maybe had 2 ticks the whole season after you sprayed.  Before you sprayed, they'd get covered when they went out.  Within a matter of days the ticks  seemed to disappear.
Gary, Sturbridge, MA




Tick  Control

With a brother who contracted Lyme Disease and Bell’s Palsy from a tick bite and having my own young children, we take TICK CONTROL very seriously.  I became an applicator for this product after seeing its effectiveness in my own yard to protect my own young children and family pet.  I had used the chemical alternative  and then after that application, my young daughter found a tick on herself.  As a father, This made me feel like I had failed.  I immediately went to my distributor in a panic and asked for the best product.  He said, “Here try this organic stuff.”  I said, ” Ha ha, very funny. Seriously where’s the harsh chemical stuff that works?”    He told me to give this organic product  a try and  I couldn’t believe how well it worked!  From there I was sold and started making applications for my own customers.  They too are amazed at the results and recommend us to their friends for treatments.

Tick Control programs start at $85 per application. (5 Applications; additional applications available by request)  Your yard is ready to use immediately! Reduce your risk today!!!

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We're impressed! We did not have one tick on our daughter or our dog for the past two  seasons with your Tick Control Program! Thanks Green Tech!
Melissa, Shrewsbury, MA


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